Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) technology has revolutionized electronic security solutions, converting what were previously multiple dispersed data difficult to look up and impossible to correlate, into immediate, accurate and relevant data, which allows strategies to be defined, processes to be improved and increased productivity.

The advanced analysis of the information collected by the various systems that make up an integrated security solution makes it possible to correlate data and provide the operator only with the relevant information to enable him/her to decide correctly during a particular event. Associated with the management of your business, allows you to detect trends and business opportunities, assisting in the promotion of goods and services that best suit your customers’ behaviour patterns.  Related with operations and production of your organisation, allows you to detect patterns, anticipate stock shortages and define improvement processes that increase the productivity and efficiency of production processes.

We analyse each project and we go beyond video surveillance, access control and anti-intruder system solutions. We define solutions designed and tailored to each client, based on advanced platforms that integrate video analysis functions, third-party information systems and business applications.  The result is a more accurate information with gains in efficiency, security and productivity.