Additional Security Solutions

In addition to all the additional solutions when implementing a security solution, such as solutions for data storage, servers, networking, power and infrastructure, we create and implement other solutions in addition to physical security technologies, allowing the capabilities of the solutions we provide to be leveraged, these solutions include:

  • Control Centres
  • Videowalls
  • Automatic Fire Detection Systems
  • Car Park Management Systems
  • LPR – License Plate Recognition systems
  • Intercommunication with queue management Public Address a Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Integration of Technical Management systems of buildings (HVAC, SCADA, lifts, lighting, energy efficiency, etc.) and IoT (Internet of Things)
  • PSIM Platforms (Physical Security Information Management)
  • Integration with third-party platforms


One of the main strong points of VoIP is the cost savings.  Not only are the calls cheaper, some of them are even completely free, but the cost of maintaining a communications system is substantially lower than a traditional system.

Algorithms that enable the automatic search for the best route for every call, whether over the internet, via a communications broker or a traditional communications operator, not only ensure savings in communications but also that the best possible quality for your calls is guaranteed.

Consult us. We shall analyse the communications of your organisation, helping you to dramatically reduce costs and improve the performance and quality of each call.