Video surveillance

Video surveillance is now universal and present in virtually all industries. Serving different purposes, it is no longer a solution just for the security world, as it has expanded and specialised in many other areas.

Video surveillance is an increasingly well-defined trend undergoing high growth. It has many solutions, such as systems for inventory control in retail companies, solutions focused on managing quality and productivity on assembly lines or solutions for the management of shopping trends and patterns in large supermarkets in order to enhance the business. The solutions, as is to be expected, have also evolved in the security field. There is better quality of information reaching the system operators, allowing decisions to be faster and more efficient, enhancing the protection of persons and property.

This trend has been particularly strong in recent years, bringing to the market a number of improvements that have transformed these solutions. Of note are the use of: standard protocols that now allow for greater interoperability and support for cameras and other equipment of other manufacturers in open video platforms, the increased resolution and quality of images with the use of more powerful processors in cameras and smart codecs with minimal impact on recording requirements, the application of analytical and IoT solutions that have turned static systems difficult to manage into platforms that deliver relevant information in real time, and solutions based on Cloud that allow access to high performance platforms and advanced features with minimal investment.

Our company, as certified partners of the leading manufacturers of video surveillance solutions and with extensive experience in creating and implementing large and complex projects, has the ability to construct the most complete solutions on the market. Our systems are principally based on the best open platforms of VMS (Video Management System) and PSIM (Physical Security Information Management). We use the most advanced camera and analytical video technologies to construct integrated solutions that ensure the protection of people and goods and simplify and improve business processes and reduce costs by increasing the productivity of your organisation.